The Road Kill Cafe The Road Kill Cafe The Road Kill Cafe The Road Kill Cafe The Road Kill Cafe
The Road Kill Cafe  
You Kill 'Em...We Grill 'Em!
The Road Kill Cafe
Barbara Snider, proprietor Painting of the Road Kill Cafe Painting of the Road Kill Cafe
Barbara Snider, proprietor The Road Kill Cafe The Road Kill Cafe
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The Road Kill Café is Born

During hunting season of 1984, Barbara Snider decided to go into business in Artemas, Pennsylvania. She had a building constructed and gasoline pumps installed and opened a grocery and gas station facility where she saw a need for just such a place. Early on, she placed a couple of picnic tables in the far side of the store and prepared food, especially homemade pies for the hunters. She has always accommodated the hunters, even their hours, and has therefore been known to open her store in the wee hours of the morning so that they would set off with a hot meal under their belts.

Later in 1995, Barbara decided to build an addition to the existing grocery store and make a restaurant. People from far and wide are familiar with the Road Kill Café in Artemas. The restaurant can accommodate eighty people at a time, and on any given Thursday, her “big” day, she estimates that they serve about five hundred customers. The food is excellent and the prices are more than reasonable. She is well known for her homemade pies, which causes her to stay up all hours on every Wednesday to bake fresh and have ready for her Thursday menu of barbecued ribs, macaroni salad, green beans as the main entrée. Folks travel long distances for a meal at the Road Kill!

The name of Barbara’s establishment came about when someone spray-painted an old barn board and stuck it up on the roof of the porch. This was before the addition of the actual restaurant, yet people were eating there on a pretty regular basis. The sign read Road Kill Café and to this day is still known as such.

Within the last couple of years, Barbara has added cabins and campsites to her line of business. These accommodations are available for anyone who reserves them, but are always full to capacity during hunting season or whenever a big local construction project is underway, like the gas company work, etc. Details of these services are located elsewhere on this site.